Video Editing Techniques Every Pro Must Master

Every professional video editor needs to work with the best video editor tools to produce quality films. Without the use of a top video editing program, even the most skilled video editors won’t be able to produce quality output. Hence, you need to invest in the best possible program that you can find that will facilitate in the video production process. The type of software you use will be determined by the extent of editing required and the type of content you are working with.

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Below are some of the video editing techniques that every professional should master. Use these as guidelines when choosing the best video editing software for PC:

  • Do not cut two differently sized shots (from close-up to a wide shot, or vice versa) in a sequence. This is jolting to the audience and is not a good way to transition from one scene to another.
  • Do not cut from two similar shots at a rapid sequence. For example, do not move from a close-up of one person to another person’s close-up. Always choose a different angle.
  • To break the continuity of one shot, always incorporate a cutaway shot in between. This cutaway shot has to relate to the original action, though. For example, when there is a continuous action on a sports match, you can add a cutaway shot to the audience to showcase the excitement of the ongoing sports action.
  • As a general rule, you should avoid using any of the following effects as they are distracting to the main action: jump cuts, mismatched camera angles or rapid changes in the head room.
  • Always try to use long shots (also known as cover shots) of an action. It gives the audience a general view of the entire action.
  • Make sure you have a few seconds of run-in and run-out clip during the start and end of the video, respectively. This will make the material flexible for editing later, in case you want to insert other materials at the start or end of the particular shot or sequence.
  • When indicating a change in time or location, you can use a number of transitional techniques such as slow motion, dissolving or wiping. Most of the best video editor software programs in the market are equipped with basic tools that will allow you to achieve these.
  • For environmental noises, you can use them as wild track (or non-sync sound) when editing. Hence, you can extract the video and incorporate them into the editing process as bridging sound.
  • Try to incorporate a single shot from various angles. For example, when editing a video of a person crossing a bridge, you can use different angles for that same action. This will make a mundane activity more interesting and artistic.

With this knowledge on the best video editor techniques that you need to learn, you can now shop for the best video editing software for windows. Once you know the techniques you have to learn, you will be able to identify which software programs can help you perform them. You can find more information about the top video editing software programs here: